Student Testimonials

“… rejuvenate my spiritual and emotional self.”

“Dear Oliver, I have been composing this letter to you in my head for the past several weeks now and, finally, I believe that I'm at the point where I can come up with words to describe the seemingly indescribable experience that you have given me.

Participating in your tai chi class on Saturday mornings has been a highlight of my week ever since I discovered the class several months ago. I had a debilitating illness a few years ago in which it took me two years to regain the ability to walk. Initially, when I first attended your class, I thought that it would be a great form of gentle physical exercise to help me regain strength and flexibility in my body.

What keeps me coming back every week, however, is not just the opportunity to practice the beautiful physical moments that you have taught us, although learning the chi gong exercises and tai chi forms is a wonderful way to begin my weekend. What keeps me coming back week after week is the beautiful philosophy you impart as you teach the class. More than helping me restore and rejuvenate my physical body, your class and method of teaching has helped me regain and rejuvenate my spiritual and emotional self.

For all this, I want to thank you from the depths of my being. I do hope that you will be given many more opportunities to share your wisdom and healing with the larger community. Warm regards.”

— M. M. (San Francisco, CA)

“… a real gifted teacher.”

“First of all, I want to say thank you to our instructor Dr Oliver Chu. I think he is a real gifted teacher. I came to this class with some previous experience of acupressure, and it was very interesting for me to see and try ‘the hands of a Master’, especially one which has traditional Chinese medical education and knows Chinese culture from the inside.

Chinese philosophy was always the focus of my interest, and I am impressed with how nice and eloquently Oliver speaks about it. I like very much his gentle manner of working with and teaching students. In this acupressure class, I’ve learned new Qi Gong exercises, improved my energy feeling skills, new Tui-Na acupressure techniques and the bio-mechanical understanding behind them. The acupoints we used during our course was interesting too because it demonstrated Oliver’s experience and it was quite wonderful to compare different solutions to many common problems.

After experiencing what ‘Less is More’ really means to me, I hope now I am sensitive enough to feel what is necessary for each and every person. Thank you very much Oliver!”

— Natalie M. (Mountain View, CA)

“… a wonderful teacher who integrates the many aspects of physical, psychological, and philosophical elements of this ancient practice…”

“Studying and practicing Tai Chi has been very beneficial to my health problems. Oliver is a wonderful teacher who integrates the many aspects of physical, psychological, and philosophical elements of this ancient practice into his teachings. He constantly weaves new people into the classes with who have been at it for a while quite seamlessly. He is always open to questions and the needs of his students. I highly recommend his classes!”

— Barbara V. (San Francisco, CA)

“I am ultimately expending less energy, but my massage has improved immensely!”

“Dr Oliver Chu’s Shiatsu class was by far my favorite class I have taken as a bodyworker. Even though I had many years of previous experience in the massage field as a practitioner as well as an instructor, I learned a great deal that I immediately was able to apply not only to my massage practice, but life in general. The class was taught in a manner in which I could easily absorb and apply the information and techniques.

After taking his class, I am ultimately expending less energy, but my massage has improved immensely! My regular clientele have all expressed through very positive feedback that my technique in working out their trouble areas has greatly improved. Being able to incorporate all I have learned in Shiatsu into my daily practice has been wonderful. With more experience and practice of the Chinese medical principles I have learned, I know my massage will only improve.

Dr Oliver, I thank you for being such a wonderful instructor and sharing your precious knowledge with me, and very much look forward to taking future classes from you.”

— Katherine L. (Oahu, Hawaii)

“… it was wonderful to be able to concentrate on relaxing my body.”

“Dear Oliver. Just wanted to let you know, I had to have coronary bypass surgery a week ago today. Fortunately, only one artery was involved so the incision was not too long. It wasn’t fun but I was exposed to wonderful caregivers at California Pacific Medical Center.

I wanted to tell you how much all the Chi Kung relaxation techniques you taught us helped — as you lie there feeling very helpless, it was wonderful to be able to concentrate on relaxing my body. So many thanks!”

— Barbara H. (San Francisco, CA)

“I didn't originally feel it was possible without going into acupuncture training.”

“With greatest appreciation Oliver, thank you so very much for your time, energy and joy on Sunday. The day answered questions I didn't previously have words for. I hadn't realized the depth of the information until Monday morning — I felt pretty wiped out! It was all great and apparently necessary… I realize I had wanted to know, for some time, how to integrate the philosophies you presented into a bodywork and massage practice. I didn't originally feel it was possible without going into acupuncture training. So... WOW!”

— Melanie K. (San Jose, CA)

“My diabetes and blood pressure numbers have greatly improved.”

“I have been attending weekly Tai Chi classes since 2000. The health benefits have been tremendous! My diabetes and blood pressure numbers have greatly improved. Along with the medication and diet, my overall condition also improved. Thanks to my wonderful Tai Chi teacher, Dr Oliver Chu.

He has been the perfect Tai Chi instructor for us with a style of instruction that puts much of the mystery and illusive concepts of the practice in relevant terms. I cannot recommend a better way to achieve benefits in multiple ways with no need for competition, winning/losing and whose primary goals are to LET GO and RELAX!”

— Andrew R. (Daly City, CA)

“… I have learned how to feel, listen and pay attention to their energy.”

“The most amazing experience in Oliver’s Tui-Na acupressure class is my new founded ability to feel the pressure points in the body by touch alone. I had studied acupressure a few years ago and learned how to locate the points on the body but I could never feel them by touch alone.

Through my experiences, I can now feel the pressure points on not only my own body but also on my client’s body! I first learned how to do this from Oliver’s Shiatsu class and this principle has been reinforced through his Tui-Na acupressure class as well.

My recent discovery of being able to feel the pressure points has made a significant improvement in my massages. I have received numerous positive comments from my clients who have noted my ability to connect with them. They are amazed when I find an area that is causing them discomfort and I begin working on it without them directing me to the location. My sessions are now tailored to my clients because I have learned how to feel, listen and pay attention to their energy.

I learned not only how to be in my own body and feel what’s going on inside but also feel and sense what’s happening in my client’s body. I have more confidence and feel more relaxed overall. Every session is now benefiting both me and my client!”

— Liana F. (San Jose, CA)

“… benefits all of us physically and mentally.”

“Oliver, I want to express my deepest thanks to you for introducing me to Tai Chi, the art of balancing the human body with self and nature. Over the past a few months, I started learning Tai Chi from you on Saturday mornings at Sunnyside Playground, and soon after I discovered how great this form is! Not only do you teach the choreography, but also the philosophy of Kung Fu.

I was born in China but had never learnt Tai Chi, nor had I expected to learn it overseas. Here in San Francisco, where Asian culture has also blossomed, I was fortunate to learn a unique Tai Chi form. The work you had done, and have been doing, attracts large groups of people, benefits all of us physically and mentally. Thanks again!”

— Weiliang X. (Shanghai, China)

“Students have been the fortunate beneficiaries of his unique tutorial.”

“Teacher for over ten years, Oliver has been a most inspirational teacher with extensive knowledge and experience in various forms of Tai Chi and other martial arts, physiology, and principles for increasing stress-reduction and relaxation. Students have been the fortunate beneficiaries of his unique tutorial.

Tai Chi has provided a forum where many new friendships and working relations have been fostered between people from throughout the Bay Area who otherwise may never have had the opportunity to meet one another — all in little Sunnyside Park.”

— Andrea O. (San Francisco, CA)

“… life will never be the same!”

“Oliver, I wanted to thank you for your time and understanding on Sunday. I really love your classes and all that I’ve learned. For your dedication and wisdom that you passed to us, life will never be the same!”

— Jennifer H. (Pleasanton, CA)

“… I am able to continue to find my spiritual path.”

“What an amazing experience! There was a breakthrough for me in this Tai Chi class on how to recognize and shift my negative thoughts (with the guidance of Oliver and his assistant instructors). When I started the class I was depressed, one of the darkest periods in my life. As we talked and shared experiences I became aware of how my thoughts (my state of mind) and my actions have affected my life.

Understanding the Tai Chi principles, doing the exercises and movements helped me become present and move through the darkness and clear out some old emotions and hurt. In the process of learning and clearing, I am now aware of what I can do to change myself, it starts with the thoughts I have about myself, looking inside to find the true me (to tap into my inner child), and also to stop giving so much attention to my ego.

It’s amazing to me I’ve gone through my life to this point without recognizing these things that support my life. When sharing this with others, they are impressed. It’s obvious they haven’t thought of it either… I am grateful to Oliver for his guidance through the art of Tai Chi principles; this gives me a foundation and tools so I am able to continue to find my spiritual path.”

— Carol H. (San Jose, CA)

“… an enthusiastic and skilled teacher made all the difference.”

“I believe in summing of this experience I must first make mention that the fact we had such an enthusiastic and skilled teacher made all the difference. Dr. Oliver Chu has a genuine love for what he does and it shows. The skills I learned in this Tui-Na acupressure class have given me a great sense of confidence, and I know that it will raise the caliber of my work as a massage therapist. Many of these techniques have already been good use to me in the chair massage industry. This class really emphasized body mechanics and being in tune with your client’s energy. I like the fact that we were constantly reminded to be aware of the principles.

The Heaven and Earth principle is truly mind expanding, this will help you not to just rely on your own strength. But will allow you to work longer with better results giving added financial security! The lecture on Five-Elements is a priceless resource which enables me to be more aware of the various acupoints on my clients body and how it relates to their emotions as well as internal organs. Oliver’s teaching was great and the information he shared on traditional Chinese medicine was much needed.

I’ve always wanted to be able to heal and relieve pain. But I didn’t want to be a medical doctor in the conventional sense. I am naturally in tune with my body and I would like to think that I have a level of empathy for my fellow humans around me. I have gotten a taste of an area of discipline that I am immensely interested in. Most of all, I love Oliver’s stories. I want to continue to hear amazing things that people have done using their innate potential. This is something I could never get tired.”

— Jason L. (San Jose, CA)

“… I found my way to Tai Chi...”

“I am currently taking Tai Chi classes with Dr. Oliver Chu, and I think he is a true teacher. For three months, he gave us a lot. Now I know that I found my way to Tai Chi because of Oliver. In fact, for the last 5 years, I was searching and changing teachers until I’ve found him. Thank you so much Oliver! ”

— Nikolai A. (San Francisco, CA)

“… a great impact on my life…”

“I would like to start off by telling you how much I enjoyed this great class! I am glad that I took this course in Shiatsu. It was a good learning experience because I learned to focus on myself as well as how to take care of my body through principles of Chinese medicine. These principles also apply when I am giving a massage or in everyday life.

Our instructor, Dr Oliver is really good! He is knowledgeable, well informed and knows what he is talking about. In other words, ‘He really know his stuff!’ He also has a unique way of teaching and instructing which has made this class interesting and fun as well as informative and educational.

This Shiatsu class has had a great impact on my life, and I can see some changes in myself already. Some of the things I have learned in this class I know will stay with me. I am confident that my clients will benefit a great deal from the things that I have learned. I highly recommend Dr Oliver’s courses. Thank you!”

— Sherry L. (San Jose, CA)

“… a most excellent instructor with his mastery of the art…”

“Having studied Chinese medicine, martial arts, and energy cultivation since childhood, Dr. Oliver Chu has been a most excellent instructor with his mastery of the art form of Tai Chi and his innate understanding of how to make it relevant to the lives of participants. His method of teaching emphasizes relaxation, balance, breathing, and body movement awareness that in combination work towards harmony of the mind and body. His instruction is sensitive to the individual differences of each participants’ physical ability, interest and adeptness.”

— Peter V. (San Francisco, CA)

“The form will follow the substance.”

“In this class, I have had to learn to be patient with myself. The graceful and seemly effortless movements I have marveled at when watching people practicing Tai Chi, seemed somehow so difficult for me to emulate. It was not quite as easy as I thought, just looking at them.

However, Dr. Oliver has been able to show me that the road to success in Tai Chi is very much the same as what I need to experience when doing bodywork.

In the relatively short length of this class, I feel my bodywork has improved immensely, as I started to feel the principles discussed in class, slowly emerging out of my being where somehow they were hidden, or undiscovered before. The form will follow the substance.

When I stop trying to emulate but instead focus on recreating within me the principles that Dr. Oliver has now ingrained into our psyche, I feel like I start to understand and feel what he has been trying to show us all along. The choice is now up to me as to how much I will pursue this way of being but I know that I truly want to continue the practice of Tai Chi in the many various aspects of my life.”

— Maryse P. (Santa Clara, CA)

“… keeping us healthy both physically and mentally.”

“The weekly Tai Chi lessons and exercises are very beneficial to my health. Oliver is a very patient and caring instructor who not only demonstrates the steps, but also makes certain that we understand the movement and how the step benefits the body if done correctly and that our body is relax.

Because of this class, I feel more relax, less aches and pains in my joints. I also enjoyed the ethnicity of the class with attendees of different races and cultures. Oliver has made this class enjoyable for all of us, keeping us healthy both physically and mentally.”

— Carolyn L. (San Francisco, CA)

“… I feel confident and secure with my intuition and ability to help people.”

“Once again, I have had a wonderful learning experience with Dr. Oliver’s classes! I never really understood how wonderfully amazing the human body is. Not to mention precious as well. I am so grateful to have the chance to learn so much about myself as well as others. One of the aspects I liked most was learning the acupoints on the body. I also enjoyed the quantum dialogues with Dr. Oliver. It opened my mind to many different viewpoints I never imagined.

If asked what I didn’t like about the acupressure class, the only thing I could say would be that I would have liked more time in the class itself to learn more! I am really excited with my newly found knowledge of pain relief. I’ve always been told I was an intuitive person, but now I feel confident and secure with my intuition and ability to help people. Thank you Dr. Oliver!”

— Liora G. (San Jose, CA)

“… my overall health has improved immensely…”

“Under the mindful guidance of Oliver Chu, I have attended Tai-Chi classes since 2002. I have benefited from his classes very much, and my overall health has improved immensely by the practice. Oliver is a very dedicated teacher with a lot of patience and perseverance. Most of us in the class are beginners. Often times, we may not understand a new move or posture that was just taught to us. Oliver is willing to demonstrate the movement over and explain to us in detail in and in interesting ways.

I have had a problem with my right arm due to an injury that occurred 20 years ago. I can tell my arm has improved greatly since I started these classes. I also have gotten to know my neighbors better through these classes. We are now like a tight-knitted family. I feel everyone can learn the wonderful art of Tai Chi and benefit from it.”

— Linda H. (San Francisco, CA)