“… very professional and honest with what his services entail.”

“Oliver has been seeing my mom since 1998 when she had her stroke. From the very beginning to present day, Oliver has not wavered in his dedication and compassion working with my mom. Utilizing a diverse approach, he treats her by incorporating different perspectives…as an acupuncturist to his vast knowledge in body/balance work.

He often suggests exercises to improve her balance and speech. When we have special concerns, he addresses them promptly. His warm and gentle demeanor makes one feel as if you can ask him anything. He is very professional and honest with what his services entail. My mom and my family have been very pleased with him.”

— Stacy C. (San Francisco, CA)

“… truly a ‘miracle worker’!”

“I am a registered nurse and I am trained in Western medicine. However, from my experience, Western medicine is limited in terms of its ability to treat musculo-skeletal injuries. I have seen Oliver over the past couple of years for several complaints including pulled muscles in my shoulder and groin and a repetitive stress injury to my thumb.

Within 48 hours of each visit, the problem has completely or almost completely resolved, thanks to Oliver's knowledge and expertise. I refer all of my friends with similar complaints to him and all have been extremely satisfied with the results. From my perspective, he is truly a ‘miracle worker’! Thanks, Oliver!!”

— Sheila B. (Pacifica, CA)

“… keeps my body in fighting form…”

“Dr Oliver Chu is an amazing acupuncturist! Every time that I have gone to see him, he has helped my body heal. Not only does Dr Oliver treat you physically, but also guides you mentally and spiritually.

Two years ago when I had a very serious knee injury, Dr Oliver treated my knee and helped it heal. At that point, he was the only doctor that I met who had told me I would recover and I will be able to do Jiu Jitsu again while all the other physicians were negative and claimed that I wouldn't recover when actually, I did!

Now two years later, I’ve been feeling great! Dr Oliver keeps my body in fighting form by tuning me up every once in a while between competitions and intense training. Thanks so much for getting my body healthier and helping me stay in top fighting shape!”

— Denny Prokopos
‘2007 No Gi Jiu Jitsu World Champion’ (Millbrae, CA)

“… cure me of all the pain in 3 visits!”

“I have been going to Oliver for acupuncture for nearly 10 years. He has helped me out many times with neck aches, back pain, and other aches and pains. I first saw him when I had tendonitis in my shoulder and had been told I needed surgery - Oliver was able to cure me of all the pain in 3 visits!

He's very knowledgeable and easy-going and can answer any questions you have about your treatment. I've sent a bunch of friends and acquaintances to him over the years and they all keep going back.”

— Sarah O. (San Francisco, CA)

“… one of the most talented acupuncturists in the Bay Area.”

“Dr. Oliver Chu is a young and dedicated practitioner who goes beyond traditional Chinese medicine with an uncanny insight into your health and well being. I have referred clients, friends and family who could benefit from acupuncture but were afraid to try it. Their ages ranged from 19 to 65 years old with ailments such as tinnitus, chronic fatigue syndrome, and childhood rheumatoid arthritis.

Their comments were "the needles didn't hurt! His treatments are pain-free," "I felt so good after talking with him I no longer felt any pain in my body," and "I can't believe how immediate and long-lasting the relief from pain lasted." "I'm going to tell all my friends and family about him!"

Dr. Chu is an amazing individual. He is thorough, easy to talk to, and one of the most talented acupuncturists in the Bay Area. I highly recommend him.”

— Jay A. (Mountain View, CA)

“… passionate about his work as a healer…”

“Running has been a part of my life for nearly 30 years, so I was very distraught when a hip injury forced me to stop. I consulted a sports medicine physician who advised me to stop running. For many reasons, this advice was unacceptable to me. With a combination of Tuina bodywork, acupuncture and rest, Oliver had me back to my usual running schedule in about six months.

I was so impressed by the results of treatment, that I continue to see Oliver for ongoing health maintenance. Oliver is a holistic healer drawing on his knowledge of Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, Tuina bodywork and nutrition. He is passionate about his work as a healer and continues to explore new knowledge to apply in his practice”.

— Kate T. (San Francisco, CA)

“… great doctor blessed with a rare gift.”

“Along with western medical treatments, I was seeing an acupuncturist for over two years with no avail for my severe emotional distress.  Then in 1999, a friend told me about her wonderful acupuncturist, Dr. Oliver Chu. After my first visit with Oliver, I felt an immediate and positive response.  Both my mind was calm and my body was at ease for the first time in a very long time!

When I had TMJ several years ago, my dentist was not able to help me for my on-going jaw pain.  After one treatment with Oliver, the TMJ pain was gone! ... I couldn't believe it!  Even my dentist was amazed! (Now my dentist refers clients to him!)  In fact, Oliver is able to take away most my muscular related pains throughout the years with just one to two treatments... Amazing!

My overall physical health, mental clarity, and lifestyle have improved dramatically with Oliver's acupuncture treatments and guidance. I've been a faithful patient of Oliver to this day.  I personally feel he is a great doctor blessed with a rare gift. Oliver is very experienced, truly skilled, and loves what he does.”

— Kari Y. (San Bruno, CA)

“Quality over quantity!”

“Over the last 3-4 years, triathlons have become a big part in my life. Since I put in a lot of hrs of training (20-25 hrs a week), muscle aches and other pains are not that uncommon. Shoulder injuries, legs, Achilles, muscle pulls, the mental drain and so on.

Oliver has been working on me in the beginning phase (we call maintenance), the peak phase of training and then pre-race, race period and post race. Thru acupuncture, Oliver has helped me overcome these obstacles. It is not just the acupuncture he has helped me with; it is also his wisdom of life in general. Oliver has helped me get mentally prepared for the races and helped me overcome some of the pre-race jitters I get, the fear of failing or not doing well.

It seems like every time I go to him, Oliver inherently knows already what I need. At times it not just the training, it is also life in general. It is a real pleasure talking with Oliver as well as working with him, and receiving work by him.

I had a bike crash last year. With that comes the fear of crashing again or you start to ‘slow’ down. A week after the crash, I saw Oliver and he started to work on me. I need to say that I have never healed so fast before. Not just physically, also mentally. I have a long season ahead of me this year in 2009. I am looking forward to seeing Oliver again. Oliver is part of my training and my life. Chinese Medicine does work wonders… Quality over quantity!

Thank you Oliver for helping me!! For helping me, be who I am and helping me find my purpose in life!”

— Tony J.
‘World Class Triathlon Competitor’
(San Carlos, CA)

“… a positive force…”

“Oliver is our resident acupuncturist and accomplished teacher of bodywork, tai chi, and Chinese medicine. He has been a positive force here in the OMI (Oceanview, Merced, and Ingleside) district of San Francisco since 2000 with the inception of the tai chi classes primarily for seniors that are given for no cost to its’ participants. These classes began as a need to promote ‘healthy aging’ for seniors in high-risk neighborhoods like the OMI.

He has opened his clinic on Ocean Avenue “Menhong Clinic” in 2000 as an Eastern approach to injury and healing. I have referred my family and friends to Oliver, and he always work very positively and personably with everyone.

His knowledge and applications of Eastern medicine have made him very popular and the first person I engage when I have questions about personal injuries or general medical conditions. I highly recommend Oliver for his hard work, dedication, and pride to service for others!”

— Fey P. (San Francisco, CA)

“… I can honestly say I have never felt better…”

“Oliver is amazing! His dedication to his craft and his clients are just a few of the reasons why I have recommended him to several friends, and will continue to do so. With every session, we spend time discussing what's been going on with me. Oliver makes sure that we focus on what I am currently experiencing, as well as any long-term issues.

Since he's not only addressing the physical expression of the problem but the root cause as well, I can honestly say I have never felt better than I have since I started going to Oliver for acupuncture.”

— Cara B. (Oakland, CA)

“… like to be pain free but don't know how!”

“I have known Dr. Chu since 2002.  He has been not only a great doctor to me, but also a helpful teacher.  First of all, his acupuncture treatment is prompt and effective.  When I had a serious rash on my face, the inflammation went away with one treatment. Second of all, there were many changes I have made physically and emotionally through his treatments over the years.  It would probably not happen if I did not meet Dr. Chu.

He is the doctor who taught me that most physical pains are associated with emotional pains.  Releasing these emotional pains is the key to heal the physical discomforts.  He gives a consultation prior to his acupuncture treatment that I like.  Talking to him whatever concerns I have on my mind helps me discover the root issues I have been holding on for decades.

It is not easy to confront these root issues and release them since they have been a ‘part of me’ for most of my life.  Dr. Chu has given me effective ways to work on them, and they have been very helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Chu for those who would like to be pain free but don't know how!”

— Yuka O. (Oita, Japan)

“I no longer have to waste a whole day “sleeping off” my migraine.”

“I began seeing Oliver for my on-going migraines. Let me start off by saying that I was very skeptical and reluctant as to the benefits acupuncture may provide for my long-standing problem. From the start, he was honest in telling me that he could not cure my migraines, but that he could possibly decrease my pain level. When I started seeing Oliver, my migraines reduced to 1 time a month. Now, they occur even less frequently averaging from 1 time a month to 1 time every 3 months. (It depends on my stress level.)

Not only has the frequency decreased, but also the intensity of the pain. I no longer have to waste a whole day “sleeping off” my migraine. Now, I sleep for approximately ½ the day and then can continue with the rest of my day including going to work. Oliver has also helped with various muscle aches such as my low back and neck/shoulder region. I have recommended Oliver to my friends and family. “

— Jonathon C. (Pleasanton, CA)

“His highly sensitive touch helps you feel better immediately…”

“Oliver Chu has been my doctor since 2003. I go to him when I have health concerns of any kind, whether they are physical, emotional, or spiritual. As a health practitioner myself, I am careful about who I seek health information and treatment from. Oliver's treatments not only address my particular tendencies toward imbalance, but also the specific issues that sometimes arise. His knowledge of health and the body is as impressively well rounded, as is his character.

He is a compassionate, grounded, and fun health practitioner to whom I have referred countless people including my precious clients, friends, and family, some of whom have serious health concerns. Oliver is the practitioner you seek when you really want to know the truth of your imbalances and the truth about healing. His highly sensitive touch helps you feel better immediately and into the future. I cannot say enough about Oliver and only wish that others have the opportunity to heal and learn with him.”

— Natasha D. (San Francisco, CA)

“… his treatments have helped me significantly.“

“Dr. Chu is a kind and compassionate practitioner who is very skilled at what he does.  He was down to earth and straightforward about his assessment of my condition.  While Western medicine has been ineffective in treating my condition, his treatments have helped me significantly.  I highly recommend him.”

— A. E. (San Francisco, CA)

“I have learned more from him about how to heal myself than from any other source in my life.”

“I have known Oliver since 2003. He is my doctor of acupuncture and tai chi teacher. He is a person of the highest character and skill as both a healer and a teacher. I have learned more from him about how to heal myself than from any other source in my life.

Inspired by weekly tai chi lessons and acupuncture sessions with Oliver, I have learned to let go of some deeply held emotional blocks. This has transformed my life dramatically, as well as healed some chronic physical problems. Oliver unfailingly is there, patient and generous with his time and energy, always ready to answer my questions and help guide my path.

Oliver is one of the most healing people I have ever met and a kind, skillful and powerful practitioner in all the arts he practices. I cannot recommend him highly enough. It has been my personal experience as well as my observation of him with others that Oliver always gives more than he receives.”

— Karen B. (San Francisco, CA)

“… a complete godsend.”

“I can't recommend Dr Chu enough. I was suffering from tennis elbow due to my work. I had been using physical therapy & tried steroid patches without any success. Dr Chu was recommended to me by two of my clients whose migraines he had successfully treated. After one treatment I felt relief. Over a period of five weeks, one treatment a week, Dr Chu was able to eliminate the pain.

He's a complete godsend. I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't use my arms. He also treats my motion sickness & the occasional pinched nerve after a long flight. Also, my boyfriend was suffering from arthritis in one of his feet & Dr Chu treated both the pain & the swelling. He is completely professional & has a very light touch when he uses needles.”

— Joel M. (San Francisco, CA)

“I recommend him unhesitatingly.”

“Oliver Chu has distinguished himself as a superb Acupuncturist. Working in his profession many years, his competence, compassion and ethics as a Acupuncturist are exemplary. I am deeply impressed by Oliver and the on-going treatments he performed on me. I recommend him unhesitatingly.”

— Helga R. (San Francisco, CA)